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There’s a great debate happening in the photography industry today. What is the limit of photo retouching before you can say that it goes overboard? This is a question that has not had a definite answer for the past few years. Many people say that retouching a photo doesn’t represent the true spirit of photography which is capturing the image in its truest form. They say that a retouched photo is perpetuating a lie because it is not truthful in the image that it shows. This is often seen on images that are used to sell beauty products.

On the other hand, those who are pro retouching say that the problem is in the audience itself. They mistakenly believe that the retouched photo is the actual truth of the subject captured. For example, many women believe that what they see in fashion magazines are the absolute truth of how the women photographed in those images do look exactly like what they are portrayed in the picture. They say that these women alter their expectations when nobody ever said that what they see in the picture is the absolute truth.

I for one am not against photo retouching. For me, whatever you can do to make a photo look its best is for the betterment of photography. Here’s why I can say so. A great photo is a combination of photography skills, equipment and photo editing/retouching skills. In the modern age of digital photography, retouching is a must because it brings out the finer details of a subject. Think of it this way, no matter how good your photo editing skills are, your pictures will always be crap if you can’t shoot worth a damn. Retouching a photo is only considered as the icing on the cake.

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